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Speed up your Web surfing and see the exactly measured difference!

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internet software The Internet Accelerator and Connection Speed Analyzer Speed4Web is effective way to AUTOMATICALLY speed up your Internet connection and investigate its performance.
Try this new popular internet accelerator software and all Web pages you are browsing will be downloaded by up to four times faster whatever Internet connection you have.

    1. What can Speed4Web Accelerator do for you?    
  • SpeedWeb Accelerator automatically optimizes your PC Internet performance, so each Web page displays much quicker.

  • You can watch the Internet connection with Active Icon Traffic Indicator in the task bar. This Web Traffic Indicator becomes a must have tool for your Web surfing.

  • Just with one click you can cancel pictures download and disable GIF images animation while visiting slow Web sites or during peak hours of Internet traffic.

  • The professional quality of Connection Speed Graphic Analyzer enriches your Internet experience.

  • Speed History shows what Internet activity took place when you were away from the computer.

  • SpeedWeb Accelerator is so easy to use that User Guide is needed just for discovering advanced application features.

"You really have a great program, its helping me lot to surf. Keep up the good work. Thanks again!!!"
Antonio Saavedra Tiangco, Italy

"I have tested many products to speed up my internet connections,but i didn't satisfy me at all..Finally i tested your speed4web i got shock for the great performance it really works the way i wanted to be and the speed i wish... i just want to highly advise all internet customers to test and buy this product and i promise them they will never be upset. THANK YOU TO ALL PEOPLE WHO CREATE THIS PRODUCT."
salah ABDOUL-WAHAB, France

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    2. What benefits can you gain from Speed4Web Accelerator?    

Most people have a dial up connection for Web browsing.  Instead of spending $30 more each month for DSL or Cable Modem, you can install SpeedWeb Accelerator, which will optimize the system settings of your present Internet connection and raise your Web surfing speed by up to 300%.

The Internet Accelerator SpeedWeb is very easy to install and use.  It will accelerate your Internet connection immediately.

So you say: "I already have a fast Internet connection. What benefits will I gain from SpeedWeb Accelerator?"  In your case, SpeedWeb will raise the Internet speed by up to 200% using NEW solutions for the optimization of system parameters, which are responsible for PC Internet performance.

Let's compare:
Before After
Without SpeedWeb With SpeedWeb
Before After
The Web page was downloaded in 11 seconds with an average speed of 7K bytes/sec. The same Web page was downloaded in only 3 seconds with an average speed of 26K bytes/sec.

After installing SpeedWeb Accelerator, notice that Web pages appear on your screen much faster.

  • Speed4Web will automatically speed up your computer Internet connection.

  • Speed4Web will turn off/on pictures download just with one click.

  • Speed4Web will track and gauge the Internet speed of your PC.
These features make SpeedWeb Accelerator software Unique!

    3. So what does the Speed4Web application look like?    


Point to any of the objects in the application window to read a brief explanation.


    4. What can Speed4Web offer experienced Internet users?    
We have the answer to those computer users who like to feel involved with their computer performance.  For experienced users, we offer advanced features of The Graphic Analyzer for Internet performance investigation in real time.  This powerful tool accurately measures your Internet speed and downloading time.  Moreover, SpeedWeb separately tracks both incoming and outgoing data transfer speed and saves the history for last 12 hours.

For additional information please be sure to read the User Guide.
    5. What are the system requirements?    
SpeedWeb works with the following operating systems:
Windows 98
Windows Me
Windows NT 4.0
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 (or higher version) is recommended.

SpeedWeb works with all PC Internet connection solutions!
    6. So is it worth trying?    

Yes, definitely worth trying. Order Speed4Web Accelerator today with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee and take advantage of our risk free offer.

Click here for your Internet connection to be accelerated within 3 minutes. In addition, you will be provided with our technical support and newer versions of SpeedWeb absolutely free.
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30-day money back guarantee


When you complete the order, we will email you a confirmation, a receipt and a direct link to the SpeedWeb installation file.

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    7. How can you contact us?    
Email us:
We appreciate your feedback and would like to hear your comments.  Feel free to contact us!
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Last updated: October 2008